If You Do Buy…

I think it has been pretty apparent so far that for the most part, I really don’t see the pros of owning a house outweighing the pros of renting. Maybe it is because I have worked for an apartment company myself or it could be the fact that I kind of enjoy having the least amount of responsibilities as possible, but I don’t really see myself ever purchasing and eventually owning my own place.

I have seen and know a lot of people who made the plunge into home owning and I always have one piece of advice for them.

Do The Math and Make it AnĀ Investment

inspectIf you are considering purchasing a home or condo, make take more than simply your monthly payment into consideration and sit down with a professional to actually do the math on what you are buying. It is important to make sure that the home you are buying is actually going to be a worthy investment when your loan is all paid off. That’s the whole point of owning a home, right?

At the end of the day, you want to at least make your money back. Always get a proper home inspection to take a look at your house before you buy and get a full evaluation. Do the math on what you will need to put in, and what you are going to potentially be getting out of this huge commitment.

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