Home Inspections

Now that I done my job and given you the advice that I feel needs to be given to anyone considering purchasing a home, I can give you a real life example of someone not taking my advice and how it cost them thousands of dollars. The one thing that absolutely everyone needs to do before buying a house is having a professional and certified home inspector come and do a full evaluation to let you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

You Can’t See Everything

A few days ago I mentioned a friend of mine who was faced with damage done to the roof and gutters of his house after a bad storm and at the end of the day, ended up costing him thousands of dollars in repairs that he definitely did not just have lying around ready to pour into his new “investment.” Granted, he did get the house at an auction for a very low price but you get what you pay for.

repairHe did not have a proper inspection done or the necessary paperwork to file any claims in regards to anything that might be damaged to his house. He was confident that his own non-professional inspection was enough and that everything appeared to be in working order.

This is one of the biggest mistakes new home owners make because almost all of the problems a house has cannot be seen just by walking around and taking a look with an untrained eye.

Now that the home is his, he isn’t really trying to spare any expenses and has already spent way more than he ever planned on before purchasing the house. He did the right thing by having the guttering done by a professional company at www.gutterguardsco.com and made sure they were licensed & insured. This is to make sure that if he ever decides to sell the house, the new buyers won’t be in the same position he was stuck in. If you are like he was and had no idea how much gutters cost, let me tell you that they are not cheap.

This doesn’t even include the damage and the bill that he got for his new roof as well. But I will save that for another day.

If You Do Buy…

I think it has been pretty apparent so far that for the most part, I really don’t see the pros of owning a house outweighing the pros of renting. Maybe it is because I have worked for an apartment company myself or it could be the fact that I kind of enjoy having the least amount of responsibilities as possible, but I don’t really see myself ever purchasing and eventually owning my own place.

I have seen and know a lot of people who made the plunge into home owning and I always have one piece of advice for them.

Do The Math and Make it An Investment

inspectIf you are considering purchasing a home or condo, make take more than simply your monthly payment into consideration and sit down with a professional to actually do the math on what you are buying. It is important to make sure that the home you are buying is actually going to be a worthy investment when your loan is all paid off. That’s the whole point of owning a home, right?

At the end of the day, you want to at least make your money back. Always get a proper home inspection to take a look at your house before you buy and get a full evaluation. Do the math on what you will need to put in, and what you are going to potentially be getting out of this huge commitment.