Renters’ Rights

When you sign a lease for an apartment, not many people actually go through and read through all of the small print already having the assumption that it is filled with standard corporate language just repeating over and over how they are not responsible for when things go wrong.

Well being a former employee for Harbor Edge Apartments, I can tell you that it is actually quite the opposite. The majority of the small print over the numerous pages of a contract usually consists of the rights that you have as a tenant and how your landlord is actually responsible for quite a lot of different scenarios.

Actually Read It!

tractDuring my time at the apartments, I dealt with a lot of renters that would come to me complaining about certain problems and they were always frantic at how much money it was going to cost them or they had no way of fixing them. I was always happy to go over the contract with them and reassure them that all of the responsibility falls on us and that we would be happy to take care of the situation for them.

It always surprised me how often this happened and how few people actually knew all of their rights as renters. If these people knew how much money they could be saving by just taking the time to actually read their contract they might be more persuaded to continue renting instead of owning like me!

It Isn’t Yours

The great thing about renting through an apartment and not owning your own home is that it simply is not yours. Now this might seem like a con for most people when you just read it, but hear me out.

Less Responsibility

rent1Going back to my buddy with the damaged roof, the responsibility of fixing it (and fixing it right) lies solely and completely on him. That means that obviously all of the costs of repairs, replacements, and damages comes directly out of his pocket but there is even more to consider than that. Now that he is faced with basically a “broken” house, he is responsible for how he wants to repair all of the damage.

Now that you own your own house, it is up to you to decide if you want to make it a quick fix and let the next sap who buys your house deal with it, or put in some real money like a good guy and prevent this from happening again. This was the decision left with my friend and he was one of the good guys and went all out with his repairs and replacements.

This was one of the features he had installed on his house and let me tell you, it was not cheap. When you are still renting however, these kinds of decisions are non-existent because you don’t own anything! All of these hard choices and expensive options are up to your landlord and not you. If you ask me, this is a huge weight to have lifted off your shoulders and I for one embrace it.