Real Costs

I don’t think a lot of people really sit down and think about how much money it can be to retain the shape of a house in this day and age. A buddy of mine who owns a house just had to pay for an entire new roof because he didn’t get the proper inspection done before he bought it and a storm came through and was enough to finally do the final damage.

Be Careful

4Getting a proper home inspection is one of the smartest things you can do before you buy a house. Without doing so and getting the proper paperwork, there is really no telling what kind of shape the house is actually in. This was the case with my friends house and ended up costing him thousands  of dollars in getting his roof and gutters repaired. Not to mention now that this has happened, he is definitely not sparing any costs with his new additions because he wants to avoid this ever happening again.

You would hope that most people do the right thing and not try and sell you on something that is broken down or has a ton of hidden damages to it but we have to realistic here. In this day and age people will try and scam you out of anything and you can bet a house is really high on their lists.